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50KW Grid Tie Wind Generator System

WFD50KW-10 (5KW x 10)

Reduce or Eliminate Your Electricity Bill
Introducing WFD50KW-10 – A new generation Residential Power Appliance that hooks up to your home to help you reduce or eliminate your monthly electricity costs.

WFD50KW-10 is designed for homeowners looking for a quiet, convenient, affordable way to protect themselves from ever increasing electricity costs.  It includes wind generator, controller with dump load and grid tie inverter.   With no batteries, WFD50KW-10 connects directly to your home.  When the wind is blowing, your home is powered (in part) by WFD50KW-10; when it’s not, your home is seamlessly powered by your utility as usual..  If the wind speed is too large, part of the dump load will be connected to the wind turbine to keep the constant power to fed in the utility grid.


And you do not need the most disposable part of a wind power system --- the batteries. 

This system consists of 10 x 5KW wind generators with controller and
1 x 50KW grid tie inverter.


5KW wind generator

Rated  Power
5 KW at wind speed 11m/s
Max  Power
6 KW
Voltage Options
96V, 120V,240V & Grid Tie
Start Wind Speed
Rated Wind  Speed
11 m/s
Cut-Out Wind Speed 
Survival Wind Speed
Kilowatt Hours Per Month
770 kWh/month /average 5.8m/s
Over speed Protection
Auto Furl and Dump Load
Temperature Range
Rotor Diameter
4.80  m
Swept Area
18.08 m2
Rotor speed at 5KW power
280 rpm
Blade number
Blade material
Reinforced fibreglass
Rotor thrust(at 20 meters/second)
3,950 Newton
3 phase Neodymium permanent magnet
Max 4-7 dBA above background
Tower Top Weight
163 kg


5KW Grid tie controller with Dump Load

Input date
Rated Wind Turbine Power
5 KW
Rated Solar Panel Power
Voltage Range
Rated Maximum Input Current
Output date
Max dump load power
6 KW
Brake delay time
10-20 minutes
PWM unloading voltage (DCV)
Braking voltage
Set as the output voltage of the wind turbine
PWM unloading fuse (A)
Solar panel fuse (A)
8 A
DC output fuse (A)
Connecting wire of the PWM dump load provided
>6 mm2
Protection level
Controller dimension
Dump Load dimension
560*430*320 mm
490*450*320 mm
Controller Weight
Dump Load Weight
19 kg
15 kg


50KW Grid tie inverter

Input data
Recommended generator power
50 KW
Rated operating voltage
280 V
Max. DC voltage
780 V
Max. input  current
165 A
Input DC voltage range(VDC)
200-780 V
Thermally monitored varistors
Output date
Max. AC power
50 KW
Rated AC power
50 KW
Harmonic distortion of grid current
Rated AC voltage
380 VAC
Rated AC frequency
50 Hz/60 Hz
Short –circuit proof
Max. Efficiency
94 %
Power Factor(PF)
Overload ability
150%, 10 seconds
Protection degreee
Insulation intensity(input and output)
1500VAC, 1 minute
Operation temperature
Size(L×W×H mm)
800 x 600 x 2260 mm
600 kg
Over voltage, Under voltage, Low, overheat, Short circuit, Reverse polarity



Errors expected and possible alternations without prior notice.

Warranty:  2 years

Claims & Return Procedures
In order to be eligible for service under this warranty, the Customer must send us pictures showing his installation of the system in 5 days after the installation.

If any problem takes place within the warranty period, Notification must be provided including a description of the alleged defect, the manner in which the wind turbine was used, the serial number, and the original purchase date in addition to the name, address, and telephone number of the party requesting warranty service.



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