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30KW Turgo Turbine Generator


T38-30SCTF4/6-Z is a AC direct systems consist of a turbine-generator unit producing AC power which is used as needed.  That is, it is fed directly to the appliances.   No need of battery and inverter, T38-30SCTF4/6-Z offers a complete water to wire system with integral turgo turbine, generator and valve flow control.  Designed to deliver ready-to-use 400V AC /3 phase power, it employs a brushless, special rare-earth permanent magnet  alternator and therefore has a higher efficiency than ordinary alternator.  Output voltage and frequency are controlled by the electronic load controller(with ballast).      As little as 90 to 120 liter per second (l/s) falling 45 meter through a pipe, it can supply enough power to comfortably run a household.  This machine is compact, easy to install and  requires little maintenance except lubricating the bearing every few months.


The turgo turbine was designed for families in remote areas to produce power for their households easily and inexpensively. These units have been incredibly successful and today thousands are installed throughout the world.
Water is collected upstream from the turbine and channeled in a pipe down to the turbine location. At the turbine, the water passes through a nozzle, where it accelerates, strike the turbine runner, and turn a AC three-phase brushless permanent magnet alternator. A electric load controller is built on the alternator which stabilizes the voltage to 380V to protect electrical appliances during use. Installation is very simple and explained in the manual. Once installed there are no running costs and maintenance costs are very low.


Water Head Range
38 – 45 meter(125 – 148 feet)
Water Pressure
64 PSI
Water Flow Range
100 – 120 liter(26 – 32 gal)/second
Rated Power Output
Intended voltage
Three phase, AC380V~
Rotary Speed
1500 rpm
Turbine runner type
Runner diameter
400 mm
Number of buckets
Number of nozzles
Jet diameter
250-300 mm
Single phase permanent magnet alternator
Power factor
Insulation level
Protection level
Safety protection
Short circuit, over load, Islanding, Grounding fault
Packing material
Packing size
120x90x115cm, 62x46x127cm, 60x55x50cm,
Gross weight
490 kg, 60kg, 60kg












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