Suzhou Yueniao Machinery & Electronics Imp & Exp Co Ltd is one of the pioneer renewable energy business and has been in this field since 2002. We are dedicated exclusively to the business of small wind generator, mini hydroelectric generator and solar energy. As a manufacturer with advanced technology, we are making in our own workshop the wind turbine from 300w to 20kw with CE certificates. Beside that we are dealing with business of mini hydroelectric generator from 200W up to 60KW and solar panel from 20W to 280W. We do not claim any of its products to be the best, but we are proud to hear the owners of our products praise them. And that is what makes all the time and effort we spend on our products worthwhile. Thank you for your support!

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Grid Tie Solar Power Kit

The Solar-Power-Generator is a revolutionary way of cost saving in renewable energy generation.

The solar panels produce what's called DC current. A device called an inverter is required to change the DC power generated by your solar system into AC power that most appliances can use.  An inverter is an important piece in your overall solar energy plan.

The solar panels are connected to a grid-tie inverter which is a device that enables solar power users to complement the energy they buy from their electricity supplier with solar power. The inverter converts DC to AC power and sends the extra energy produced back to the utility grid via the electric meter.

At night or during inclement weather all the electricity is supplied by the mains. During the daylight hours, the system generates some power, offsetting the consumption of electricity from the utility and cutting electric bills. The balance of the kWh required by your loads is automatically drawn from the input lines. If the PV panels are producing more electricity than you are using, the system will feed the surplus of the energy back to the utility. It may even spin your electric meter backwards, further reducing your monthly bill.

The Solar Kit is easy to set up and plugs straight in to any mains socket just like your kettle. No need for an electrician.

Installation is simple: secure the solar panels to the aluminum stand and connect the ready made cables. Position on your patio, garden or balcony, anywhere the sun shines. No tools or electrical skills are required, not even a screwdriver.


1000 Watt Grid-Tie Solar Power Kit, SG-1KW

This SG-1KW kit Includes:

  • 4 x 250 Watt Framed Solar Panel with 25 year limited warranty.
    (Support rack for solar panel can be supplied upon request)
  • 1000 Watt Grid Tie DC to AC Inverter.
1000 Watt Grid-Tie Solar Power Kit, SG-1 KW

250W Solar Panel

No. of Cells
6 x 10 – polycrytalline silicon cell
Maximum Power(Pm)
Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm)
Maximum Power Current (Ipm)
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)
44,23 V
Short Circuit Current(Isc)
Module Efficiency
Cell Efficiency
1640 x 992 x 40 mm  
19 kg
Operating temperature
Maximum System Voltage        

Grid Tie Inverter

Max. DC input power
Max. DC input voltage
MPPT range
Max. DC input current
Rated output power
Max. output curren
Nominal AC Voltage
220V – 240V/180V – 260V
AC grid frequency
50HZ / 60HZ / ±4.5HZ
AC connection
Single phase
Max. efficiency
DC reverse polarity, AC short-circuit , Ground fault, over heat, Grid fault.
Low voltage, over voltage.
Idle consumption
Operating temperature
405 x 275 x 123 mm
5.5  kg
1 year




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