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Grid-tied Solar System With Battery Backup


This type of system is for those want protection from blackouts and other power loss but still want to be connected to the grid.

This system has all of the features and benefits of a standard grid-tied system, but with the additional benefit of uninterruptible power. With this system, you can still take advantage of the net metering, the Solar Rebate program (minus the cost of the batteries), and grid connection benefits.



With the battery backup, you are still connected to the grid as with the standard grid-tied system, But when the utility grid is down - the battery backup kicks in and delivers power to critical appliances and electrical devices (refrigerator, radio, electric heater, computers, etc.) when you need it most.

This means that you are protected by blackouts or any other power loss, which can provide peace of mind in a time of uncertainty of our existing electricity infrastructure. However, the battery backup option adds additional cost of the system.

How it works:

1) Sunlight hits the solar module, which is attached to your roof with the mounting racks.
2) The solar (or photovoltaic) cells inside the module then convert the light into electricity.
3) This electricity travels through wires to the charge controller, which senses battery voltage and regulates battery charging - the electricity is then used to keep the batteries fully charged to ensure uninterruptible power
4) The remaining electricity is then transferred to the inverter, which takes the electricity from the solar module (DC electricity) and converts it into the electricity your home needs to run your appliances, lighting, etc. (AC electricity)
5) This AC electricity then travels to your standard utility breaker box, and is supplied to your new utility net meter - which then of course feeds the electricity both to your home and to the electrical utility grid.
6) In the event of an emergency (blackout or power loss), your system automatically begins to draw power from the backup batteries and converts it into electricity. The Backed-Up AC Service Panel feeds into the appliances and other electrical needs you deem necessary in the event of power loss.


The main components of this system are:

  1. 12 pc of 250W Solar modules 250P-60
  2. 12 sets of Mounting racks
  3. 3KW Solar Grid Tie Inverter/charger, InBack 3KW
  4. 4 x 12V/200Ah Battery bank
ASNM250P-60 Series Polycrystalline Silicon PV Panel
STC: Irradiance 1000 W/m2, 25°C, AM=1.5 according to EN 60904-3)
Module Type
Module Efficiency              ŋm(%)
Cell Efficiency                ŋc(%)
Power Peak                    Pm(W)
Maximum Power Voltage         Vm(V)
Maximum Power Current         Im(A)
Open Circuit Voltage            Voc(V)
Short circuit current              Isc(A)
Maximum System Voltage         (VDC)
Power output tolerances           ( % )
Max-Series Fuse                  (A)
Operating/Storage Temp.          (°C)
-40 ~85
Dielectric Insulation Voltage        (VDC)
3000 max
NOCT–Nominal Operating Cell Temperature
Pm Temperature Coefficient   (%/°C)
Voc Temperature Coefficient  (%/°C)
Isc Temperature Coefficient   (%/°C)
Cell Size                       (mm)
156 x 156
Number of cells
6 x 10 – polycrystalline silicon cell
Module Dimensions              (mm)
1640 x 992 x 40
Module Weight                  (kg)
Front Glass
3.2mm tempered glass
Back Cover
Anodized aluminum alloy
Junction box
IP65-6 by-pass diodes serviceable
IP67 type MC4
Output Cables                  (mm)
Container Loading            
20GP : 348 pc,    40HQ : 700 pc


3KW Back Up Grid Tie Inverter/Charger
InBack 3KW
Nominal DC Input Voltage
Continuous Power Rating at 25°C
5000 KW
AC Voltage/Frequency
220VAC 50 Hz
MPPT Voltage Range
150~550 VDC
Maximum Input Current
34 amps DC
Idle Power
10 Watts
Typical Efficiency
Total Harmonic Distortion
Output Voltage Regulation
Maximum Output Current
13.1 amps AC
AC Overload Capability
Surge 6,000W;   5 second  4,800W
AC Input Current Maximum
30 amps AC
Sell Back Voltage Range
208 to 232 VAC
AC Input Frequency Range
49.3 to 59.5 Hz
Battery Input Voltage Range
123 to 189 VDC
Continuous Battery Charge Output
25 amps DC
Operating Temperature Range
Standard 2 year/Optional 5 year Standard
Shipping Weight/Dimensions
16 kg/ 170 x 415 x 420mm
CE, VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE 0126-1-1



Maintenance Free Lead Crystal Battery


New Technology

The invention of the lead crystal battery is a breakthrough in battery history. Based on the composite electrolyte and proprietary intellectual property rights, makes the reaction of the electrolyte formation caused the forming for the crystal state.


1. Ideal green and environmental protection battery.

Lead crystal battery is using special SIO2 composite electrolyte to replace the sulfuric acid solution of traditional lead-acid battery. The electrolyte is non-toxic, non-smell, to surrounding environment.

2. Excellent high and low temperature operating characteristics

Working temperature from -40°C~65°C

3. Easy for depth discharge

Working life of is no effected by the general over-discharge.   Excellent recovery capacity of charge-discharge.

5. Long working life

Lead crystal battery can work for 10 to 15 years,  and charging time is 25% faster than normal lead-acid batteries and gel batteries.

Nominal Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Working Temperature
330 x 172 x 214mm
62  kg
Terminal type
Charge Cycle
Working Life
10 – 15 years



Mounting  Racks




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